Friday, March 30, 2007

Preps, Jocks, Pretties, Uglies, Geeks, Weirdos, and Goths

Remember the terror of middle school social life? Desperately trying to find yourself, while at the same time trying to fit all of who you were into a tiny box? The power of labels haunts us all.

Below is an essay written by a 13 year old girl from Ohio.

"My biggest challenge is just being a teenager in today’s society. More specifically, being a teenager in middle school.

In middle school you’re there to work, but it can be really hard to focus on schoolwork when you have all these other issues to carry around, such as cliques. I think it’s awful how when you go into middle school, all of a sudden you become labeled. Emos, Preps, Jocks, Pretties, Uglies, Geeks, Weirdos, and Goths. How I wish there would just be a normal label. Or better yet.... no label at all!

That’s how it is at my school, and you know what? I hate it! Maybe it’s the fact that I’m judged by my appearance and personality, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m annoyed by all the labels, but either way, it’s hard to deal with.

My current label is “Weirdo”, which means I don’t mix well with the Preps – the kids who are popular and think they are better than the rest, and push others around. But I’m more of a tomboy kind of person...MORE."

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