Friday, June 15, 2007

Protecting Marriage

Yesterday marked a historic day not only for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but also for our nation, as legislators decidedly voted to protect marriage. The Massachusetts Constitutional Convention secured the right to marry for all persons by voting down an anti-gay measure that would have put marriage rights up for a popular vote.

Support for same-sex marriage in Massachusetts has grown over the past three years as the state witnessed thousands of same-sex couples vow to love and cherish one another in civil and religious wedding ceremonies. Far from the predictions of imminent doom and the destruction of the family, we in Massachusetts have been privileged to watch as love grew, the institution of the family became stronger and same-sex couples and their children finally received the same protections heterosexual couples have always enjoyed.

The scene yesterday at the State House was a living testimony to the way in which the expansion of the right to marry has created a more welcoming, loving and accepting community and culture. Diverse families stood together at the steps of the State House singing and chanting, gay and straight together, young and old alike. While children from toddlers to teens gathered with their parents to lobby once again for their right to be a family, the Raging Grannies led the crowd in songs sung for their grandchildren and great grandchildren to come. It was these living witnesses to the power of love that changed the hearts and minds of legislators.

Earlier in the morning, Bishop Shaw led over 200 clergy who stood in support of same-sex marriage in a procession from the Cathedral to the State House. As we set off, Bishop Shaw reminded us, "though the vote today may be close, it's not close at all in God's eyes. In God's eyes justice has already won!

Yesterday was indeed a good day for marriage! Let the wedding bells ring!

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