Sunday, July 29, 2007

Let's Hear It For An Inclusive Church!!

Imagine a stage filled with city rockers...speakers thumping, drums pounding, guitars humming. Now imagine the cheers from the crowds erupting as the cymbals clash, sounding the end of a song. The lead singer grabs the mic and shouts out, "Let's hear it for the band! Let's hear it for a great Saturday night and most importantly let's hear it for a Church that is open to all people!!"

Cheers and whistles and shout outs rise from the crowd as a group of young people, most with no church affiliation at all cheer for a vision where all are welcome.

That was the scene last night at our First Annual CWM Rock Benefit Concert featuring Jennifer Greer, Sharon Crumrine, Watcher, Sera del Fuego and The Milling Gowns.

As I watched the people pour in to hear the bands, I noticed as they slyly picked up the pamphlets we left on the table. At first, they seemed nonchalant, not quite interested, but somewhat bored between sets. Then suddenly, as they read the words, you would watch surprise come over them. Could this be? A church that is open and affirming and progressive? Many folks would read and re-read the pamphlet and then turn and point it out to their friends.

We are thankful for a night, not just of fundraising, but also witness, where perhaps for the first time some folks came to know that there was a Church where they were truly welcomed! Thanks be to God!!

Shout outs to Mark, Sharon, Michelle and Trevanna who hosted this great event! And to the Cantab Lounge for donating the venue!


Kelly Fryer said...

Hello! - I'm new to this blog. Let me get this were hosting a rock concert to connect with people who are not yet a part of your community of faith??? Sounds like an evangelical move to me. And you call yourself a progressive?!? Seriously, I'm fascinated. I am looking forward to getting to know you better through the blog. - Kelly Fryer (

Dave said...

yeah... that sounds crazy... what were you thinking... geesh! lol!

Seriously, we have a lame "contemporary" service in our church, and most of the older folks we're bordering on!

That's great what your doing! I have 4 teens and they don't give a rats arse about doctrine and rules. They easily see thru the hypocrisy and bs of the typical uptight church crowds.