Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Global Parish

John Wesley's oft quoted declaration, "The world is my parish," seemed quite literal to me as I crossed paths with a CWM parishioner in the hinterlands of Northern Wales last week!

Driving out the long and winding road to Beaumaris Castle on the isle of Anglesley last week I spotted a parishioner from CWM hiking down the side of the road. As we approached from behind I excitedly told my partner, "Hey, that's Elizabeth!!" As we zoomed past I look around for confirmation and sure enough it was true!! We turned around the car and pulled over to offer her a ride.

We had a joyful and surprising reunion, took pictures to ensure that people would believe us and parted ways again as I headed back to Oxford to continue my studies.

I suppose a pastor can never quite leave the parish!


Jules said...

Tiffany. that is so amazing to run into someone from home when you are both so far away from that place. Isn't life just stunning sometimes? I hope you had a fabulous trip.

Stephen said...

You were that close? You should have to come to Manchester and I'd have taken you out to lunch!