Saturday, October 27, 2007

Peace Day

Today thousands around the world gather to proclaim a word of peace in the midst of a warring world. CWM and friends will join the masses at noon today as we gather on the Boston Common as part of United for Peace and Justice's National Mobilization to End the War in Iraq.

Learn more about this national day of action, initiated by United for Peace and Justice, a 5-year old coalition of 1,400 groups.

Below are selections from the United Nations Peace Poem. Every primary (grades k-6), middle (grades 7-9) and secondary (grades 10-12) school (including homeschools) around the world was invited to submit, via e-mail, two lines of poetry about peace to the United Nations. Once collected, the lines were collated together into one long Peace Poem, and redistributed to all participants as well as posted on the Web.

In the spirit of this day, read the words of our children, prophets of peace in our own time:

Let the sun shine in the night time and please no more dying.
Please let us have peace and no more fighting. People are dying.

Southwest Elementary
San Antonio, TX, US

As I look around the world I sigh,
And think, We could at least give peace a try.
Exeter-West Greenwich Junior High
West Greenwich, RI, US

Peace without
Comes from peace within.
Glenala State High School
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Peace remained by my side until I understood
what she wanted from me—that I be free
Parque Ecologico
Porangaba, Brazil

Let it blow in your direction
Let it touch you, melt you and mould you
SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, secondary school
Tema, Ghana

There comes an army; here comes another.
They meet in the middle and declare PEACE.
Holy Cross Primary School
Western Cape, South Africa

Peace is in the waves at sea.
Peace must begin with you and me!
Gander Middle School
Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
Peace is something the world should share
It’s all about loving, we dare you to care!
Elmcrest Elementary School
Liverpool, NY, US

The condition of the heart can alter the perspective of a person.
The condition of the hearts of a nation can alter the state of humankind—PEACE.
Walnut Ridge Middle School Library
Walnut Ridge, AR, US

From my mother’s womb I came out yelling for life.
It’s great I am surviving—but there’s no peace.
Joseph Nabbingo Primary School
Kampala, Uganda

Peace is the seed that sprouts all light,
We must lower the greed, and start the fight.
Silver Sands Middle School
Port Orange, FL, US

I wish I could have stopped what caused the first human
to be violent to another.
Then maybe the world would still be living in peace.
Asir Academy
Khamis-Mushayt, Saudi Arabia

In the sky we see a dove
The dove means peace, the dove means love
Canberra Church of England Girls’ Grammar Junior School
Deakin, Australia

If only PEACE were understood,
What couldn’t be now, in the future could.
Milwaukee German Immersion School
Milwaukee, WI, US

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