Saturday, December 01, 2007

Keep the Promise

Today the world gathers as a global community to remember and re-energize our efforts to end the AIDS pandemic.

For the past several years the World AIDS Campaign has mobilized its efforts with the slogan: Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise. This theme should strike a chord with those of us in the Christian church, particularly at this time of year as we celebrate the season of Advent. After all Advent is the time when we wait expectantly for the fulfillment of God's promise.

As Christians, we ought to take seriously this call to keep the promise...not just a secular promise to end the crisis by 2015, but a larger, cosmic promise we know from age to age...the promise God has given us of a world of peace and justice, a world where Love reigns and compassion and mercy know no end, a world where the message of the Good News is not just preached but lived.

“Not only is another world possible, She is on her way” - Arundhati Roy

You can join the campaign to end AIDS by becoming involved, whether globally or locally. Below are just a few links to help you on the way as you seek to keep the promise.

Aids Action Committee
Aids Alliance
Boston Living Center
Cambridge Cares About AIDS
HIV Stops With Me

United Methodist Global AIDS Fund

World AIDS Campiagn

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