Thursday, January 24, 2008

These Are Our Stories, These Are Our Songs

Storytelling is a powerful. Anyone who has experienced a really good story knows exactly what I mean. Good stories capture our attention and hold us riveted in place as we wait with eager anticipation to know what happens. Good stories make us feel...excitement, hope, sorrow, joy, grief, compassion, anger, love, courage...emotions flood us as the story unfolds.

We can't help but be moved by good stories, for not only do they teach and inspire, they communicate our most sacred values through the language of emotion and in the process we find ourselves more deeply connected to one another. Knowing someone's story we are moved closer in community.

This year Methodist Students for an All-Inclusive Church (MoSAIC), an extension ministry of Reconciling Ministries Network, is collecting stories from young adults as part of a campaign to witness to the power of the Holy Spirit moving through our youth as they seek to create an all-inclusive church where everyone is welcome.

Posting these personal testimonies on both the RMN website and YouTube, MoSAIC hopes to witness to the love of Jesus Christ and God's call to inclusivity. These stories are meant both to encourage those who feel oppressed and marginalized by the current discriminatory policies of the United Methodist Church, as well as to inspire ordinary Methodists to stand up for justice and advocate for a fully inclusive church.

Laci Adams' story is pasted below. All are welcome to submit their own witness to our shower of stories. Click here for details.

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