Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Liminal Lent: Walking Between the Times

This Lent at CWM, we will be focusing on the liminal, in-between space, of our Lenten journeys as we explore spiritual practices that help us to discern our path with God.

The poem that follows helps orient us as we begin our own 40 day sojourn into the wilderness.

Desert Prayer

I am not asking you
to take this wilderness from me,
to remove this place of starkness
where I come to know
the wildness within me,
where I learn to call the names
of the ravenous beasts
that pace inside me,
to finger the brambles
that snake through my veins,
to taste the thirst
that tugs at my tongue.

But send me
tough angels,
sweet wine,
strong bread:
just enough.

(Prayer © Jan Richardson from In Wisdom’s Path.)

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