Monday, April 21, 2008

My General Conference Boa

A deflated balloon is on my mouse pad. It's orange and crinkly and has a little bit of green ribbon attached to it. I'm also wearing a yellow boa. These two items are four years old; they're both from a party I went to in Pittsburg in 2004. The party didn't start until after midnight because it was the last event of General Conference. It was a communion service led by the Reconciling Ministries Network. I held the cup next to my friend Vicky who gave people bread to remind them about God's love. It was cool.
Despite all that went down at in Pittsburg for those two weeks, Reconciling United Methodists were celebrating when it was all over because we know that in the end it's about God.
I have a little more packing to do. I'm bringing the boa. I'm also bringing the balloon. They'll help me remember who I am.
And thanks to my faithful friend Chip for giving me this boa. Look for it in Fort Worth.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a picture I'd like to see! :)

Anonymous said...

bring the boa back to work.

tjkjkm said...

Safe travels - you are in our hearts and prayers. Toni and Jim

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