Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Who are we? (I really want to know!)

As part of a Lenten process of discernment about our future, Cambridge Welcoming Ministries is reflecting upon who we are as a community; what kind of community we'd like to be in the future; and the challenges and assets that will help or hinder us in realizing our visions for ourself.

Last Sunday after worship, the gathered community named their understandings of who we are as a church.  These are our answers: 

Cambridge Welcoming Ministries is
 - Welcoming of those marginalized, and those who have experienced brokenness
 - Justice-seeking; a community of hope & healing
 - Koinonia (beloved community)
 - A close-knit group; there's a lot of trust within the group
 - Creative; especially in worship  
 - Mindful, reflective, and aware
 - Queer           
 - Active in the world, a beacon of hope
 - A community strengthened by the post-worship fellowship meal
 - A training ground for new ways to do and be church

Of course, the Cambridge Welcoming family extends far beyond the circle of folks that were present, so I invite you to share your answers.  My dear Cambridge Welcoming community, who are we?