Monday, April 06, 2009

Lenten Reflections - Week 4

After service Sunday, March 22, 2009 members of the CWM congregation gathered to discuss with whom we have a relationship. This is the first 'wheel' to come from that discussion. Further details are provided below the images.

CWM Relationship Wheel

Once the participants in the discussion with whom CWM had a relationship with, we then discussed how some relationships were connected, or had a similar relationship to CWM. This is the wheel from that discussion. Further details are provided below the image.

CWM Relationship Wheel with Connections

After service Sunday, March 22, members of the CWM congregation gathered to discuss with whom we have a relationship with, and then we took a closer look at those places with whom we have a ‘special’ relationship (special defined as important, relationships that stood out to us as a community). We discussed what characterized this special relationship and what our hopes were for the future of this relationship. There were six places designated as ‘special’ relationships: Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN), Church within a Church (CWAC), College Ave UMC (CAUMC), NE Annual Conference (NEAC), Reconciling churches, and the CWM Diaspora. Below are the characteristics and hopes for these relationships.

• Contact with national staff and programs
• Mutuality - Input/open communication between both organizations
• Mutual learning
• Respect from RMN and to RMN
• Commitment to principles on RMN side
• Power sharing between both organizations

Church within a Church**
• Loving pride
• Support national coordinating committee
• Mutual support
• Ongoing
• Intentional relationship with CWAC
• Intentional support of goals of CWAC

College Ave UMC** (and any future churches who may house CWM)
• Mutuality
• Cross visitation
• Joint services
• Increased lay communication
• Genuinely feeling welcomed by CAUMC
• Clear understanding and relationship on both sides
o Covenant

NE Annual Conference**
• Resource for CWM – mutual; non-dependent autonomous
• Visits from others to experience CWM
• CWM voluntarily pays mission shares
o Witness to the church
• Members of Annual Conference
• CWM congregants volunteer at General Conference
• NEAC support CWM financially like other missions
• NEAC recognize CWM as an authentic ecclesial community and that CWM has authentic worship
• Mutuality
• CWM is a model for inclusive ecclesial community celebrated by the NEAC
• CWM is a model for the NEAC on how to function on a low budget
• CWM seed to Reconciling committee

Reconciling Churches**
• Mutual communication
• Cultivate greater communication between laity
• One-to-one connection
• Financial support
• CWM visits to other Reconciling Churches

CWM Diaspora**
• Mutual communication
• Ongoing relationship between current members of the congregation and those who have moved
• Mutual give and take relationship
• Foster CWM ethos wherever relocated
• Different relationship – special correspondence should be maintained
o Newsletter?
• Know where they are so can possibly visit
o CWM initiated
• Lifting up in prayer
• Sharing stories
• Re-membering


Kirk said...

As a member of the diaspora now I'm glad to see "We who have moved" are still a part of your community consciousness!

cathy knight said...

This is very helpful to see and i can imagine useful for CWM as folks come and go in the relationship.

We are very glad to be part of the 'relationship wheel.' cathy knight - Church Within A Church Movement ex. director.