Sunday, May 27, 2007

Judicial Council May Rule on Transgender Pastors

After affirming the ministry of transgender pastor, Rev. Drew Phoenix, Bishop Schol has been asked to rule on his eligibility for ordained ministry by the conservative, political caucus of the Institute for Religion and Democracy, UMAction.

Most likely, this case will find its way to the Judicial Council in time for its October meeting. Although there are no restrictions on the participation of transgender persons in the current Book of Discipline, this will not be an easy case. We remember that the Judicial Council in the past has ruled on issues not found in the Book of Discipline. Just two years ago the Council affirmed the right of a pastor to deny membership to a gay man without any solid legal grounding in the Book of Discipline.

Let us pray for Rev. Phoenix, for the Baltimore Washington Annual Conference, the Judicial Council and our Church in the days ahead.

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