Monday, June 30, 2008

Blessings & Farewell

How Does the Creature say Grace
How Does the Creature say Thanks
Yesterday was a very special and very sad service for me at CWM. I know, they all are very special... and I'm a cryer. With blessings and farewell, we gave thanks to God and worshipped with the Spirit as we celebrated my move to a new church as the pastor.
I believe that this is the first time that a member of our church has been appointed to serve another church directly from membership. Of course, people under appointment have always been part of worship attendence and interns have moved to different types of ministry and there are several people in the ordination process who are members.
Even though I helped to write the new Book of Discipline, I'm still pretty foggy on what exactally is up with my 'membership' now. I believe that I am a member of the Annual Conference as "pastoral supply without sacramental authority." Then in September I will become a "liscenced local pastor pending certification." Sounds spiritual.
But for now I say thank you to God for the ways that I have grown and changed as a member of Cambridge Welcoming Ministries. I know that there are so many others as well who say thank you to God for the ministry of this church. I will certainly deeply miss regularly attending services and I look forward to my new relationship with CWM. Some of that will be through the blog... in two weeks watch for daily updates from Jurisidictional Conference.
Peace and power,
Will Green
St. Nicholas United Methodist Church, Hull, MA

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