Monday, February 09, 2009

Bible Study: Racism and White Privilege

From Joy... I wanted to thank everyone for a good Bible study on Sunday. It was an "intro" session and I think we were able to ask some really important questions. I would invite CWM to continue to reflect on these questions.
-What does it mean to support the "status quo" as white people? What does that status quo look like? What privileges might white people receive? What does it mean to be white in a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender context?
-Question to ponder this week: In White Like Me author Tim Wise claims that people of color think about race all the time. In what ways is "everything about race"? Is it a privilege for white people to walk away and only think about race when it is convenient for them?
Homework: I would encourage people to continue to look in the news and in their everyday life this week for examples of racism (in what ways is "everything about race"?). I will invite you to share these examples at Bible study on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

To link white privilege to Bible studies is bizarre to say the least. The white privilege movement has only one goal and that is to paint the entire white race as inherenly racist.
Reading lists of so-called white privileges reminds me of one of the 10 commandments: Though shalt not covet! There is no such thing as white privilege-there are-of course people who may have more privileges than others but that is obvious in any society and ethnic group. The Bible speaks of the evil which man does-white privilege studies are inherently evil.

bytestyle12 said...

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