Sunday, February 22, 2009

Study guide

Here is the study guide I created for Chapter 7 of Joseph Barndt's Understanding and Dismantling Racism. Please feel free to post thoughts, answers, reflections, questions, push-back and the like. Keep in mind that the Bible study group has covenanted to listen generously, respect each other and that it's okay if we all do not agree.

Chapter 7: Dismantling Racism

Discussion Questions:

What is the relationship between white LGBT persons and people of color?

Was this relationship affected by the passing of Proposition 8?

A CNN study reported that 70% of African Americans voted for Proposition 8 (note: accuracy of study dubious) and that that 81% of white evangelicals voted for the passing of Proposition 8. Do you think African Americans were blamed for the passing of Proposition 8? Why or why not?

Do you think white people were blamed for the passing of Proposition 8? Why or why not?

When reacting to difficult situations, do you think white people are more likely to blame the white race, communities of color or neither? Why? What does your answer say about race?

What are challenges to white people forming alliances with people of color?

How do we as white people form alliances with people of color?

What races are reflected at CWM? Why do you think that is?

Where and who are the LGBT populations of color in Boston?

What do you think about Barndt’s suggestion that white people need to acknowledge white power and privilege in their cross-racial relationships? Do you agree - why or why not? How could we as white people do that - as individuals? - as communities?

As CWM looks at its identity during Lent, what questions about race and racial identity should we ask ourselves?

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