Monday, July 14, 2008

Arrival in Harrisburg

I had to ask the members of St. Nicholas to keep the prayer concerns to a minimum this morning because I wanted to be on the road by 11:30 to make Harrisburg in time to meet with the other members of New England's Nominating Committee. The parishioners didn't hold back on the prayer concerns but they did add an extra request that I arrive safely and on time. And I did!
I met tonight with two other members of the delegation and the Bishop as we reviewed names for the Jurisdictional Nominating process. The meeting is scheduled to run from 8:30-12:30 tomorrow morning.
From what I can put together, we will have very VERY minimal opportunity to fill somewhere between three and six spots on the Boards of Directors of the General Boards, Agencies and Commissions of the church. In other words, this won't quite be as interesting as my work at General Conference where we talked about gay sex.
I'm headed to bed now a little after 2:00 am thanks to a rather problematic attempt at printing something. Apparently the Hilton (not sure why they booked us at the Hilton) isn't used to having guests who need to print things. (Is it that exotic?)
That's seventeen dollars and sixty-one cents to print 15 pages.
Why didn't I just put my printer in the car?


Anonymous said...

Will, looking forward to hearing about the exciting stuff from Harrisburg! I'm sure there will be some interesting conversations, even if the debates about gay sex are a bit lacking. ;)

Blessings, and elect us a cool Bishop, okay? Oh, and that boundary thing that I'm not going to worry about... yeah.


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