Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nine more things...

I want to share a few beautiful moments that I know you will love but that my exhaustion before prevented me from sharing...
Some highlights!
1) After a very fun service recognizing the retirements of Bishops Fisher and Morrison, the Mark Miller Band broke out into a ten minute postlude... We Are Family, by Sister Sledge

2) The NEJ affirmed clergy in CA who perform same-sex weddings!

3) Heterosexual allies affirmed gay and lesbian people with prophetic words from the floor- clergy, lay, different genders and races and annual conferences- people are telling the story.

4) Gay and lesbian spoke up for ourselves, beautifully and bravely claiming our life in the church, at the center.

5) The NEJ is coming to terms with the poisonous racism that guides our actions. The crisis is clear and the need to change our behavior. Now it is time to walk the walk. (not really a highlight now that I type it, but God will help us.)

6) As the church moves to restructuring, new relationships and ministries at the "Jurisdictional" level are being born.

7) The NEW England Annual Conference will soon include Vermont!!!!!!!!!

8) God loves you.

9) There is a balm in Gilead.


Sean Delmore said...

Thanks for sharing the golden moments, Will!
Sounds like an incredible conference...

I just wish the NEJ would affirm its *own* clergy who might perform same-sex weddings, whether they're marriages in Massachusetts, or civil unions in Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and the District of Columbia.

pastorbecca said...

The NEW England Annual Conference will soon include Vermont!!!!!!!!!

A bittersweet blessing for us, but your words of welcome mean the world!

And ditto on what sean said.

bytestyle12 said...

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