Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Gospel Truth

Sometimes you have to leave church to find Church.

Last night my partner and I went to see folk artist, Susan Werner, who was debuting her latest project, The Gospel Truth. This compilation confronts the hypocrisy of the Church with a wonderfully rich bluegrass, gospel sound. Although she describes herself as a self-avowed "evangelical agnostic" her songs could (and probably ought to) be sung in churches all over. Werner blends just the right amount of honesty and camp to do the Church right.

Here's a sample of just some of the lyrics...

How do you love those
Who never will love you
Who are so frightened of you
They are calling for war
How do you not hate those
Who have loaded their bibles
And armed their disciples
'cause I don’t know anymore

Heaven So Small
excuse me sir, what did you say?
when you shout so loud, it's hard to tell
you say that i must change my ways
for i am surely bound to hell

well i know you'd damn me if you could
but my friend, that's simply not your call
if god is great and god is good
why is your heaven so small

Did Trouble Me
When I closed my eyes so I would not see
My Lord did trouble me
When I let things stand that should not be
My Lord did trouble me
When I held my head too high too proud
My Lord did trouble me
When I raised my voice too little too loud
My Lord did trouble me

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