Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holy Saturday

John 19: 38-42

In the most obscure and sordid place.
in the most hostile and harshest,
inthe most corrupt
and nauseating places,
there You do Your work.
That is why you delved into the fires of suffering
in order to transform what IS NOT
and to purify that which IS BECOMING.
This is our hope.

-Julia Esquival
Threatened With Resurrection: Prayers and Poems from an Exiled Guatemalan

Prayer of the Day

Comforting and Life-giving Spirit, brood among us this dark day and grant us solace that we might face the terrors and traumas of life with the full knowledge that you are with us. In the midst of our death vigil this day, we confess that you never abandon us. You are with us to the end as a small glimmer of hope, flickering in the shadows, waiting to be rekindled in our lives and in the world. Grant us the courage and strength to make it to the dawn. Amen.

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